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Water-Miscible Cutting Fluids

Safe, economical and sustainable in use

FUCHS water miscible cutting fluids meet all regulatory requirements and offer reliable performance and optimum service life. Sustainability and worker compatibility is designed into the products.  ECOCOOL cutting fluids are:

  • Free of nitrosamine-­forming sec­ondary amines
  • Nitrite free
  • Do not contain hard complexing agents
  • Skin compatible
  • Heavy metal free
  • Sustainable
  • Economical

Optimum technical properties

FUCHS cutting fluids fulfil the techni­cal requirements and make machining operations more efficient. ECOCOOL products provide:

  •  Optimum cooling and flushing
  •  Outstanding lubricity
  •  Excellent wear protection
  •  Effective corrosion protection
  •  Low foaming
  •  Good material compatibility
  •  Innovative materials
  •  Excellent EP properties
  •  Increased productivity


 Available throughout the world

Our fluids are available to our global customers. This means that all raw materials must be registered and comply with chemical regulations in the respective countries. FUCHS offers water­-miscible cutting fluids under the name ECOCOOL GLOBAL which can be manufactured anywhere in the world with the same formulation. This global availability allows users to pursue globally­ harmonized manufacturing processes with the same fluids.


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