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Effective flushing

With the Gear+ flushing device from our premium partner GL GmbH, specially designed according to manufacturer specifications, we offer the optimum solution for your customers to effectively clean automatic transmissions by flushing the oil circuit and filling it completely with suitable fresh oil.

No additional costs

To make it easier for you to purchase the Gear+ gearbox flushing unit, FUCHS will cover part of the investment costs as part of an oil agreement. No additional leasing or other hidden costs. Because the FUCHS philosophy is not to do business quickly, but to do business sustainably on an equal footing.

Sales support

You benefit from attractive conditions, personal on-site advice and customized sales support: comprehensive equipment instruction, regular on-site support and a comprehensive advertising package to promote the benefits of a gearbox flush at your premises.


An attractive business for your workshop

The still widespread belief that automatic transmissions can manage without an oil change is outdated. This is because frequent highway driving at higher speeds or a sporty driving style lead to

  • high operating temperatures,
  • increased wear of the transmission oils used as well as significant
  • and a significant loss of shifting comfort.

FUCHS offers you and your customers the optimum solution for effectively cleaning automatic transmissions by flushing the oil circuit and filling it completely with suitable fresh oil.

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Components of the service offer for our partner workshops


  • Manufacturer approval from Mercedes-Benz
  • Without aggressive and cost-intensive cleaners
  • Loss-free flushing (up to 50% less fresh oil required)
  • High-quality construction "Made in Germany"
  • Easy handling


  • Space-saving and clearly arranged storage of different oil types (9 x 20 liter canisters)
    Note: In everyday use, 9 FUCHS ATF, DCTF and CVTF oils cover almost every application in the car/transporter sector.
  • Simple assembly
  • With device for wall mounting

All the advantages of the Gear+ display at a glance 



My customers are delighted!

We recommend a transmission oil flushing, which can be used to flush out all residues and deposits from the transmission. This separate business area sets us apart from other workshops.

Frank Hendle
KFZ-Technik Hendle, Perl-Besch


Frequently asked questions

With the Gear+ concept, FUCHS offers specialist workshops a professional solution for gearbox flushing that enables them to generate additional income. As a Gear+ specialist workshop, you can secure a unique position in your market and establish a high-margin business with a future. Use this unique concept for your business and position yourself as a problem solver by offering your customers a high-quality service.

Typical problems include: Loss of power and interruptions in the acceleration process, increased fuel consumption, hard shifting and delayed gear changes as well as the kickdown not functioning without delay. Flushing the automatic transmission helps to maintain and restore shift quality.

An oil change is recommended to restore the full performance of the automatic transmission. However, simply draining and refilling (= oil change) is not sufficient, as this only removes part of the old transmission oil. 50 to 70% remains in the torque converter and in various lines.

During transmission flushing, the automatic transmission is effectively cleaned by flushing the oil circuit and completely filled with suitable fresh oil - without the need for a separate cleaner. Specially designed devices such as the Gear+ flushing device are required for this according to the manufacturer's specifications. FUCHS LUBRICANTS GERMANY works together with its premium partner GL Technics to provide specialist workshops with flushing devices for automatic transmission oil.

With the Gear+ flushing device, the half step becomes a whole step: the oil change is supplemented by flushing the transmission. A high-performance filter takes care of cleaning, while the second high-performance filter is used to prevent any contamination of the fresh oil during the filling process.

With the Gear+ flushing device, automatic transmission oil can be completely changed and the transmission cleaned in the same operation. It was developed according to Mercedes-Benz requirements and works without aggressive cleaning agents or other additives. During the cleaning process, only heat and flow speed ensure that deposits are rinsed out in two high-performance filters.

For our Gear+ partners, we cover part of the investment costs for the flushing device as part of an oil agreement. No additional leasing or other hidden costs! In addition, FUCHS offers comprehensive equipment instruction, regular on-site support and an advertising package to promote the service at your premises.

By concluding an agreement, workshops can significantly reduce the purchase price for the Gear+ flushing device including the Gear+ package. Depending on the quantity of oil purchased, the purchase price can even be halved compared to the RRP.

You can explain the benefits of a transmission flush to your customers and convince them that it helps to extend the service life of the transmission and therefore the vehicle. Transmission flushing and professional maintenance can prevent cost-intensive damage and repairs.

FUCHS supports you in promoting the service with various materials in a targeted manner by raising awareness of the importance of gearbox flushing.

Do you have any further questions?

Michael Radig (Head of Direct Sales Automotive Aftermarket) will be happy to advise you on cooperation opportunities.

Establish a high-margin business with a bright future with FUCHS at your side!

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