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Application equipment

SYSTEM REINER - the versatile system for safe and clean lubrication of your machines

Various application equipment complements FUCHS LUBRICANTS GERMANY's extensive portfolio of high-performance lubricants. The SYSTEM REINER offers a flexible and extremely versatile system for safe and clean lubrication of your high-quality machines. The system consists of the HD two-handed grease gun combined with a large variety of different lubricants in compatible SR cartridges, which allow simple and clean handling. These SR cartridges can also be applied with a number of other grease guns from our range.

The TWIN-LOCK System of the HD two-handed grease gun

The grease chamber of the TWIN-LOCK system is filled by means of vacuum when the press is pulled up.

Forced conveying to lubrication point thanks to TWIN-LOCK sealing rings and the back flow preventer when the press is actuated.

Further advantages of the system

Lubricant level can be checked by the position of the grease follower / Complete emptying by special form of the grease follower

Maximum obtainable pressure: 400 bar / Lubrication quantity per stroke: ca. 1.5 cm³

The protective cap prevents contamination of the gripper coupling

Max execution time: 240