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»When lubricants ‘get chatty’«

In the not too distant future, it may not only be your colleagues and customers that talk to you – your lubricants might have something to say as well. This is because digitalisation is making machines and lubricants smart, and can even get them to ‘talk’. So the question is, of course: how will your company and your day-to-day life be affected? 

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»A gaze into the world of cutting fluids«

This FUCHS blog is a gaze into the fascinating world of microbiology, one of the weapons in the battle against bacteria that spoil a cutting fluid’s properties. But also into innovative cutting fluids and their key role in making medical implants. 

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»Did you know…? About vehicle lubrication«

Being thin has its advantages, at least it does when it comes to engine oils. In this text we share our thoughts about thin oils, but also about lubricating heavy vehicles in general. Read on to find out about reduced wear, lower fuel consumption and a ‘heated garage in a can’.

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»Oil specifications – put the pieces in the right place«

ACEA, API and OEM requirements. It’s all about oil specifications. In other words, requirements that are important, but sometimes perceived as awkward. But it is possible to meet these requirements, while also simplifying handling and saving costs. The key to success is to put the pieces in the right place!

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»Four rules of thumb in lubrication – your shortcut to savings!«

Every little helps, as they say. And this is certainly true of maintenance costs. Because making many minor improvements in your lubrication maintenance adds up to major savings. These minor measures may be many, but that doesn’t mean they’re complicated. I like to sum it up into four rules of thumb, which makes it all a whole lot easier.

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»Did you know…? About hydraulic fluids«

Cold, pressure and temperature, but also dirt, energy consumption and viscosity. When it comes to choosing a hydraulic fluid, there are many different aspects to consider. Here we provide some recommendations on efficient, economic lubrication, and hydraulics that take performance to the next level.

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»Tips for more efficient handling of cutting fluids«

There are many benefits to be gained from streamlining the handling of cutting fluids, everything from fewer unplanned stoppages to a longer service life for tools and machines. Follow these tips and you’ll considerably increase your chances of keeping production at a consistent high level.

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»Lubrication technicians – specialists with tremendous potential«

They’re specialists, but their potential is rarely acknowledged. They’re the lubrication technicians, key players in all preventive maintenance. The right support can boost their efforts and lead to some genuinely vital results: fewer technical problems and breakdowns.

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»The rapidly evolving automotive industry«

The news is full of new electric and hybrid concepts from vehicle manufacturers. At the same time, we are hearing how cities want to ban diesel vehicles on their streets in the not too distant future. These are clear signs that the industry is changing, challenging our ideas of technology, lubrication – and also mobility. Yes, these are certainly exciting times.

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Smart Lubrication is a blog from FUCHS where we share our common knowledge about lubricants and lubrication.

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