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Metal processing lubricants

Today, a modern cooling lubricant or metal forming lubricant is subjected to a variety of demands. Cooling lubricants for metalworking must be effective, economical and free from ingredients that are harmful to health and the environment. In the process chains that follow metalworking, customized cleaning agent solutions and process-compatible and reliable corrosion preventatives play a decisive role when it comes to production reliability and product quality. FUCHS not only boasts an excellent range of highly effective lubricants, but also possesses the process expertise needed to ideally meet the specific requirements in the field of metalworking.

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Care for your cutting fluid before longer breaks

Many choose to change their cutting fluid and clean tanks, chip conveyors, etc. Others choose to save the fluid over the holiday periods. Whichever option you choose, there are some things to consider before a holiday break.

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Tips for more efficient handling of cutting fluids

There are many benefits to be gained from streamlining the handling of cutting fluids, everything from fewer unplanned stoppages to a longer service life for tools and machines. Follow these tips and you’ll considerably increase your chances of keeping production at a consistent high level.

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