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FUCHS, the partner for your future projects

The FUCHS Call for Tenders Unit assists the industry and the Administration in the implementation of projects whether they are national or European.

Our mission: to make you benefit from the experience, the expertise and the know-how of the biggest independent supplier of lubricants (more than 10 000 references) and chemical specialties through solutions adapted to your needs:
• Recommendations and advice on your lubricants and current applications
• Rationalization and homogenization of your product range
• Targeting lubricants optimizing your production lines (improving the performance of your tools, spacing the drain and life of your production tools, reducing wear)
• Optimization of your TCO (overall cost related to the maintenance of your equipment)
• Promotion of lubricants complying with legislative standards and in line with your internal QHSE policy
• Migration towards alternative solutions with low environmental impact (biodegradable lubricants, biological fountains, ...)
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Contact Industrie


Responsable Appels d’Offres / Bid Manager



Division Industrie

83, rue de l'industrie

F-92500 Rueil-Malmaison/France


tel +33(0)1 41 37 79 37 / 07 86 05 94 36

fax +33(0)1 41 37 79 05




Contact Automotive

Mme CORMIER Babette​

Responsable Adm. Marchés Publics​​

​Tél. : 01 41 37 42 58​



Appels d'offres automotive

Mme CORMIER Babette


Phone Contact
Business hours:

Mon. - Friday : 9.00AM - 4.30PM