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Food and beverages

Our product portfolio – at a glance

Lubricants for the production, processing and packaging of food, beverages, medications and cosmetic products must fulfil stringent requirements. Consumer protection is crucial, which is why FUCHS LUBRITECH practises the highest safety standards in all aspects of development, production, sales and after-sales service.

FUCHS LUBRITECH customers benefit from the excellent quality of the CASSIDA product line, which has OEM approvals from well-known manufacturers of production and manufacturing equipment.

CASSIDA food grade lubricants are formulated with the most advanced rust and oxidation, anti-wear and extreme-pressure additives available, all of which provide the maximum level of protection for your expensive food processing equipment. From hydraulic systems and transmissions to bearings and compressors: close cooperation already during the development phase pays off for our customers.

Our products are ISO 21469 certifiedNSF H1 registered and meet the religious requirements of Kosher and Halal. The CASSIDA product line offers a comprehensive range of high-performance lubricants for the food and beverage industries, including fully synthetic as well as semi-synthetic and white-oil-based products. Each product’s composition is always optimised to ensure maximum suitability for their respective application.

CASSIDA Fluids (fully synthetic)

CASSIDA lubricating fluids based on fully synthetic base oils are developed to meet related industry specifications and to fulfil the stringent guidelines governing food-compatible lubricants. The high-performance lubricating fluids of the CASSIDA range enable the efficient operation of demanding manufacturing processes, a higher degree of utilisation of machines and a reduction in maintenance costs. They are used in various branches of the food and beverage industry.

FUCHS LUBRITECH’s extensive range of food grade lubricating fluids offers the user a wide choice of CASSIDA-branded products for lifetime and total loss lubrication. In addition to mineral-oil-based fluids, a very diverse selection of synthetic lubricating fluids are available for a wide range of applications in the food and beverage industry.

These high-performance lubricating fluids enable the efficient operation of demanding production and manufacturing processes, a higher degree of utilisation of machines and a reduction in maintenance.

FUCHS LUBRITECH researches constantly to increase performance and offer optimum lubricating fluids for maximum safety in food grade applications.


CASSIDA greases are fully based on synthetics and fulfil the same technical requirements as non-food grade lubricants – i.e. to reduce friction and wear or to protect against corrosion. For the food and beverage industry they support maximum food safety. With our range of CASSIDA greases, we cover all of the applications where there is potential for incidental food contact – as found in various branches of the food and beverage industry.

Included in the CASSIDA range of greases are direct contact lubricants which are both NSF H1 and also 3H registered for safety. This means the lubricants are acceptable for incidental contact with food as well as for use as release agents on hard surfaces which are in direct contact with meat and poultry.

Our CASSIDA GREASE EPS range of lubricants has been developed to provide high performance and wear protection for machinery operating at high pressures and loads. At slower speeds, high pressures and high loads, a heavy-duty grease is required which helps protect machinery. We provide CASSIDA greases that are specifically designed for heavy-loaded and shock-loaded applications.

Other product series include highly water-resistant greases, assembly pastes and low-temperature greases.

CASSIDA FM Range (semi-synthetic or white-oil-based lubricants)

The FM Series of the CASSIDA product portfolio are white-oil-based or semi-synthetic-based food grade lubricating fluids and greases. They are used in similar applications as the CASSIDA series. Especially in cases of total loss lubrication FM lubricants are preferred – as found for example in the animal feed and beverage industry.

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