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CO2-neutrality strategy

From 2020 onwards, FUCHS will be a CO2-neutral company globally and its customers will receive lubricants from CO2-neutral production worldwide.

FUCHS’ CO2-neutrality strategy is embedded in its sustainability strategy, which was launched in 2010. In order to implement CO2-neutrality as early as 2020, FUCHS will offset its CO2 emissions, which have not yet been avoided so far, through carbon-compensation payments by investing in high-quality climate protection projects aimed primarily at promoting renewable energies.

In the medium term, FUCHS intends to gradually reduce its carbon compensation payments and increase its share of renewable energy supplies, while continuing to invest in improving the energy efficiency of its locations.

In the long term, the company also aims to sell CO2-neutral products to its customers, which requires that FUCHS will in the future be supplied with CO2-neutral raw materials by its suppliers.


1. Driving the efficiency of complex processes is one of the essential missions of the lubricants industry, because they prevent friction, wear and corrosion which makes them the guarantors of a sustainable and climate-friendly industry.

2. FUCHS develops, produces and distributes many lubricants that reduce emissions and are respectful the environment for almost 90 years.

3. The carbon footprint in the manufacture of lubricants is already relatively small - a factor which distinguishes FUCHS from the rest of the chemical industry. In addition, the objective of FUCHS is to continuously reduce and systematically its carbon footprint, a success already measurable since 2010.

4. Global carbon neutrality is the key step in the 10th year of the strategic plan of FUCHS in the field of Sustainable Development. From 2020, FUCHS will become completely
CO2 neutral at global level in order to assume its responsibility for climate protection.

5. From January 1, 2020, FUCHS will only supply its customers worldwide with lubricants produced using CO2 neutral processes.

6. To achieve carbon neutrality by 2020, FUCHS will compensate for unavoidable CO2 emissions by compensatory measures and will invest in quality projects for the protection of the climate mainly aimed at promoting renewable energies.

7. In the medium term, FUCHS will gradually reduce its CO2 compensating measures and increase its share of renewable energy supply while continuing to invest in improvement the energy efficiency of its sites.

8. In the long term, FUCHS aims to sell its customers products that are completely CO2 neutral and will ask therefore to its suppliers to supply it with CO2 neutral raw materials for its manufacture lubricants.

9. FUCHS develops solutions aimed at reducing the carbon footprint not only of its materials raw materials and manufacturing processes, but also of its customers.

10. During their operation, many FUCHS products make a contribution more widely Measurable to saving energy and reducing CO2 emissions as alternatives

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