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Lubricating Greases

Greases are homogeneous lubricants consisting of a base oil, a thickener and specific additives. We can talk about it commonly under different names depending on their composition such as: mineral grease, synthetic grease, lithium grease, fluorinated grease, silicone grease, ... or depending on their use and applications in which they can be used such as "bearing grease", "food grease", "dielectric grease", "marine grease", ... In reality, many chemical solutions exist for the same application. It is therefore through the understanding of the variables of your application (for example: specificity of high temperature or strong presence of water) that we will define the fat that seems to us to best correspond to your uses.

You will find below, technical elements allowing to define greases taking into account the characteristics of soaps (lithium, aluminum, calcium, sulphonates, Polyurea, silica gel, ..) oils (Minerals, PAO, PaG, Fluorinated, Ester, Silicone, ...) and additives (EP, AW, polymers, ..) or solid (graphite, molybdenum disulfide (MoS2), copper, PTFE ...):

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