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Key technologies

Wax-based protective coatings are used for the very long-term protection of hollow bodies and assembled parts in the automotive industry. They are also suitable for many applications in other sectors such as the railway industry, aeronautics, military ...

Formulation of cutting oils
All ECOCUT and RATAK full-cut oils are formulated from highly refined mineral bases.
This requirement allows FUCHS to commit to levels of BaP (tracer PAH) mastered through a rigorous selection of highly refined raw material.

FUCHS also offers the PLANTOCUT range of vegetable and synthetic cutting oils, completely free of PAH and able to meet all your applications.
Learn more about PAHs
Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons, also called PNA (Poly Nuclear Aromatic):
• Are natural constituents of coal and oil
• Constitute a family of about 25 components (Benzo-a-pyrene, anthracene, naphthalene, ...)
• Are derived from degradation products of base oils
For high levels, they provide carcinogenicity to mineral oils
The mineral oils used for the formulation of cutting fluids are not classified as carcinogenic according to the European regulation if it has been established that they contain less than 3% of extract by DMSO measured according to the IP 346 method (method of overall determination of PAHs).
All of our products comply with this legislation. This data appears on all our MSDS in section 3 as below:
Special case of Benzo a Pyrene (BaP):
• Substance found in many PAH mixtures in a relatively constant proportion (approximately 10%)
• This is the most important and dangerous of the PAH family, classified as a known carcinogen
• Benzo-a-Pyrene is used as a tracer of PAHs by its constant proportion

Micro-spray machining has developed exponentially in recent years, combining performance and HSE compliance. FUCHS is one of the leaders in this technology and enjoys a comfortable feedback from the partnership with the automotive industry and the manufacturers of application equipment. The wide range of MQL machining lubricants makes it possible to cover 100% of machining on all types of material.

Pastes are mixtures of synthetic fats or oils with a proportion of solid lubricants greater than 25%. They may also contain additional additives and different from the original fats. The solid lubricants added to it have the function of improving the characteristics of the grease during extreme operation. It may equally well be an application in which high vacuum operation is necessary, or at very low temperatures (up to -280 ° C. with certain solid lubricants) or at very high temperatures (see table below For some examples) or for very high local loads.


Lubrifiant solidePlage de température
PTFEJusqu'à +300°C
MoS20 à +400°C

Jusqu'à +480°C

Aluminium+600 à +800°C
Cuivre+700 à +1200°C
Céramique> +1200°C



The pastes are mainly designed for mounting and installation (eg screw fittings) but can also be used in applications subject to very slow speeds and extreme loads. These applications correspond to the limit area of the Stribeck curve.




Pioneering XTL technology for a new generation of automotive lubricants that provides significant progress in the field of consumption reduction. Products on the basis of the newly developed XTL technology impress with better cold start behavior and lower consumption in terms of both fuel and oil, while at the same time offering excellent aging stability and operational reliability. XTL is an innovative formulation technology with optimized fluidity properties and unique viscosity-temperature behavior. FUCHS is a driver of innovation in this field.

With the cooling lubricant ECOCOOL GLOBAL 10, we have succeeded in catering to the various requirements and release specifications within the aerospace industry. The product, developed specifically for machining aluminum and titanium alloys, complies with legislation in 19 leading aerospace countries. It is free from DEA, TEA, DCHA, chlorine, formaldehyde, silicone and boron and is highly resistant to microbiological contamination. In addition to this, it boasts excellent hard water stability, does not tend to form foam and is also designed for use with very soft water. The cooling lubricant has passed comprehensive laboratory tests in line with the machining protocols of leading aerospace companies and was able to confirm the high expectations of international customers in many field tests.

The new biodegradable grease range is also certified ECOLABEL. This certification allows, among other things, to guarantee a reduced impact on the aquatic environment and the soil during its use, to achieve a reduction in CO2 emissions, to reinforce a high content of recyclable raw materials and to limit the use of hazardous substances in the formulation. Our grease range ECOLABEL has many solutions in terms of viscosity and grade to meet the needs of all applications in direct contact with the environment.

The plant range has been particularly extensive since the new CLP reform came into force on June 1, 2015. This technology is part of sustainable solutions to the legislation combining performance and toxicology mastered. The PLANTOCUT product range is formulated from chemically esterified natural fatty acids to meet industrial requirements for the machining of all types of materials. These products with a high flash point are devoid of pictograms impacting the health of the users

RENOCLEAN® ECO 2001 is a neutral pH neutral detergent formulated on the basis of biodegradable raw materials. In addition, a significant proportion of these raw materials come from renewable resources.

ECOCOOL FG-BF is a new boron-free cutting fluid that is very economical to use due to very low chip loss and the ability to completely decant leaking oils. Ideal for machining cast iron and steel, it will advantageously replace borated microemulsions in all their applications and oil-rich emulsions on ferrous metals when a cleaner working environment is sought.

Advantages :

  • Economical in use because very little loss by the chip
  • Total decantation of leaking oils Without formaldehyde liberator
  • Wide range of compatible materials Low oil content
  • No smell in service Cleanliness of machines and their environment
  • Absence of concrete formation in hard water (TH> 100 ° F)
  • No corrosion even with very high chloride content

A special product in terms of sustainability is the newly developed RENOLIN Xtreme Temp 46. Thanks to its special composition, it displays fuel saving potential of 3% to 6% in mobile hydraulics applications.

The RENOLIN ZAF B HT range excels through high thermal and oxidative resistance and excellent wear-protection characteristics. In combination with selected mineral oil-based solvent raffinates, the innovative zinc-free and ash-free additive technology guarantees excellent hydraulic and gear oil properties.

For several years now, Fuchs has developed a range of quenching oil from Group III semi-synthetic base oil. This new technology in the field of quenching oils offers better resistance to the phenomenon of cracking encountered especially on Batch furnaces. Manufacturers and caterers have already made the choice of this technology and have been able to measure the benefit.

The new RENOLIN GEAR VCI product is a high performance industrial gear oil that combines the properties of a high performance gear oil with reliable corrosion protection. Thanks to its vapor phase corrosion protection, the product guarantees reliable long-term protection and is used in transmissions that have long downtimes or are stored for an extended period of time.

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