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Act together

In 2012, the FUCHS mission statement was developed with the objective of providing employees throughout the world with orientation for their daily actions. The model rests on three pillars, which continue to characterize the success of FUCHS to this day:

  • LUBRICANTS. FUCHS focuses on lubricants and offers solutions for all requirements and fields of application in the world of lubricants.
  • TECHNOLOGY. FUCHS claims technological leadership in strategically important fields of application and is acknowledged as the number one technology partner by its customers. Not only does FUCHS focus on its own lubricants, it also takes a holistic approach, paying close attention to the processes in place at its customers.
  • PEOPLE. FUCHS' dedicated corporate culture, coupled with its loyal and motivated workforce, is the strategic key to its success. Our employees form the basis for this success.

Together, they describe not only our business model, but also the attitude of the entire company.

The five values of the mission statement

  • Trust is the basis of our self-understanding.
  • We deliver leading technology and first class service to our customers.
  • Identify and create FUCHS Value Added.
  • Provide space for innovation to explore new paths.
  • Act with an entrepreneurial spirit.
  • Empower employees with responsibility and accountability.
  • We acknowledge our responsibility towards our stakeholders, society and environment.
  • Show appreciation and recognition.
  • Act with fairness towards our partners and employees.
  • Foster an open minded discussion culture.
  • We walk the talk.
  • Committed to technical leadership.
  • Maintain a consistent track record of performance.
  • Act in a responsive and transparent way.
  • We believe in a high level of ethics and adhere to our Code of Conduct.
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