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Corporate Social Responsibility at FUCHS India

Corporate Social Responsibility is one of the elements of our business and a part of our company’s core values. The general aim is to be able to contribute a part of the company’s resources for the social development and solving specific community problems. Our corporate citizenship activities are aimed to promote the social welfare of the needy community and to promote cultural activities in a very modest way.

As a responsible corporate citizen the management of FUCHS Lubricants India has always held the view that the corporate who benefits from the society should pay back to the society by taking up activities which would uplift the standard of living of the people.

The company’s focus has always been to contribute to the sustainable development of the Society environment and to make our planet a better place for future generations. The mission of our CSR programme is “Adding Droplets of Shine to Peoples’ Lives”.

FUCHS India spent the funds across a wide span of sectors covering child education, followed by child nutrition, hygiene and sanitation, and physically challenged, medical research and promotion of art and culture.

Below are few of our CSR activities:

  • Sponsorship of school fees in a school for destitute and underpriviledged children in Ambernath, near our factory
  • Fighting malnutrition in some remote areas near Palghar
  • Mobility Aids to physically challenged people in Ambernath, near our factory
  • Sponsoring mid-day meals to children through ISKCON
  • Supporting Rotary Club to build toilets in Baste village near Palghar
  • Assistance to Tata Memorial for cancer research
  • Annual funds to a school for blind girl students
  • Financial assistance to a shelter home in Mumbai

With a strong focus on environment safety and protection, FUCHS Lubricants (India) Pvt. Ltd. is committed to conducting business with promoting eco-friendly products thus creating and preserving safe environment. We are an ISO 14001:2004 - Environment Management System certified company. Our environmental aspect of Corporate Social Responsibility is the duty to cover the environmental implications of the company’s operations, products and facilities; eliminate waste and emissions; maximize the efficiency and productivity of its resources and to reduce those operations which would be harmful to the country’s natural resources.

FUCHS Lubricants (India) Pvt. Ltd. is committed to:

  • Manufacture and deliver lubricants in environmental friendly manner. While planning activities, prevention of pollution, resource conservation and waste minimization shall be taken into consideration. 
  • Monitor and evaluate the environmental performance and achieve continual improvement through reviews at regular intervals.
  • Comply with all the applicable legal and other requirements with reference to the environmental aspects.
  • Communicate the policy to all the persons inside the premises and interested parties

Taking the environmental factor into consideration, we have installed the following facilities in our manufacturing plant at Ambernath, Mumbai:

  • Solar lighting systems on the boundaries of the factory for energy conservation 
  • Sprinkler systems for water conservation 
  • Operation processes designed to keep oil spillages at the minimal 
  • Effluent Treatment Plant 
  • Spill pond to store excess water to tackle any potential water wastage

In this way, with our contribution to social, community and environment protection we are determined to be a socially responsible corporate citizen which is a part of our core values and are firmly resolved to go one step beyond business and make a difference to our society.



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