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Machines that are used in cement production are subjected to massive loads. In addition to strong vibrations when crushing and grinding heavy rocks, the extreme furnace temperatures make enormous demands on the equipment - and thus on its lubrication as well.

Together with gear and machinery manufacturers, we develop innovative specialty lubricants for machinery. In doing this, we strive for highly application-specific solutions which help to effectively protect key machinery parts from wear, increase maintenance intervals and prolong the life of your equipment.


The first step in raw material preparation is crushing. This can be done e.g. by impact crusher, cone crusher or hammer crusher. The bearings of these crushers are exposed to extreme vibrations loads, dust and environmental conditions. Therefore greases with extreme working stability, exceptional pressure resistance an dgood sealing capabilities are to be used.

URETHYN MP 2 and LAGERMEISTER XXL fulfil these demands. Even at low temperatures they are pumpable in central lubrication systems. URETHYN MP 2 and LAGERMEISTER XXL warrant safe running conditions at maximum service intervals.

Vertical mills, grinding rollers

Veritical mills are commonly used for raw material and cement grinding. In terms of lubrication, the most critical parts of vertical mills are the bearings of the grinding rollers, the separator bearings and the gearbox. The bearings of the grinding rollers are exposed to exremely high vibrations (short time overloads), elevated temperatures and, depending on their design, the dust loaded environment within the grinding chamber.

GEARMASTER PGP 680 and GEARMASTER PGP 1000 were especially developed for the lubrication of such highly loaded bearings. They are based on a fully synthetic oil, thus ensuring thickest lubrication films under extreme temperatures and loads.

Vertical mills, seperator bearings, gearboxes

Separator bearings of vertical mills face a critical combination of load, revolutions and size. In addition they are positioned in the airstream and thus heavily exposed to elevated temperatures and dust.

URETHYN MP 2 was especially developed to lubricate these bearings. It provides a good pumpability and guarantees good lubricity under elevated temperatures and loads.

Blending beds

No other movin gparts in the Cement Industry are exposed to dusty environments and their highly abrasive nature as much as conveyor chains of blending beds. That causes extreme wear on chain links, chain bolts and sprocket wheels. Chain oils with minimum dust attraction but good lubrication properties are necessary to prolong the lifetime and maintenance cycles of this equipment.

STABYLAN G 1000 provides very good creeping properties to reach and lubricate the inner chain. Friction and wear are drastically reduced. Throw-off losses are minimal. The graphite content of STABYLAN G 1000 offers excellent emergency running properties.

Kilns, Open Gear

Most small kilns and in particular kilns with more than 2 roller stations are equipped with an Open Gear drive. The tooth flanks of kiln gears are exposed to radiation heat from the kiln shell and, compared to other Open Gears, are subjected to axial movements. Due to slow sliding movements between the tooth flanks, solid lubricant-containing Open Gear lubricants are the optimum solution.

In general, graphite-containing CEPLATTYN KG 10 HMF as well as the light-colored CEPLATTYN GT range are the best solutions for Open Gear lubrication on kilns.

Because of their high solid lubricant content and their elevated base oil viscosity, both CEPLATTYN grades provide an excellent wear protection even under critical running conditions.

Kiln, tyre ring

Tyre rings on kilns have to compensate the heat extension of the kiln shell, keep the kiln shell in its circular shape and prevent the kiln from bending. As a kiln tyre is never entirely fixed to the kiln shell it needs to be lubricated to avoid seizure and wear between the tyre pads and the tyre itself. Any moving parts of semi-fixed tyres have to be lubricated as well.

CEPLATTYN HT is a reliable lubricant for this task. They are easy and safe to apply using conventional spray units. Both products penetrate into the inner tyre ring, their base fluids evaporate slowly, and their high content of solid lubricants stays in the tyre for a safe, long-term dry film lubrication.

The copper pastes GLEITMO 160 NEU and PBC are used for additional maintenance lubrication during shutdown and for mountin purposes.

Traveler grate/cooler

Depending on its design, a traveler grate can be equipped with many bearings operating under exposure to the radiation heat from the hot clinker. To keep these bearings running, high volumes of standard greases have to be used. However such greases fail frequently because they harden in the feeding lines.

STABYL LR was especially developed to meet these requirements. It will not harden under elevated temperatures; its high-temperature thickener system combined with its high base oil viscosity guarantees a reliable lubrication with minimum grease quantities.

In addition, STABYL LR is used as a high-performance multi-purpose grease for all considerably thermally loaded bearings in classifiers, crushers, sieves, etc.


Within a cement plant many high powered gearboxes transmit forces to drive different machines. This can be the back gear or the planetary gear for the drive of the kiln, the central drive or back gear of a tube mill, the gearbox of a vertical mill or a roller press or drives for crushers, traveler grates and various conveyor belts. All these gears have one thing in common: The challenging environment in a Cement Plant.

The GEARMASTER range provides a solution for every single gearbox within a Cement Plant. GEARMASTER CLP is a mineral oil-based gear oil allowing longest service intervals compared to standard mineral oils. GEARMASTER SYN is a synthetic gear oil providing maximum energy efficiency as the optimum solution for gears running at elevated temperatures or in critical climatic regions.

Roller press

Roller presses are used for raw material preparation and finish grinding. The high-pressure grinding bed built between the two rollers leads to a significant reduction of energy consumption compared to common ball mills. Bearings of roller presses are subject to extremely high shock loads and, especially in the finish grindin gprocess, to elevate temperatures. In terms of lubrication, grease-lubricated bearings have to be distinguished from oil-lubricated bearings.

Grease-lubricated bearings: The grease is fed in relatively high volumes using conventional lubrication systems. The high volumes are necessary to provide a sufficient sealing effect on the bearing to prevent a back-flow of dust from the grinding chamber into to bearing.

Greases for the grinding bearings have to be extremely stress resistant and must provide a good damping effect to "cushion" the bearings. In addition to that a good selfsealing effect is required to prevent a dust backflow from the grinding chamber to the inner bearing. STABYL HD is the most suitable and widely approved lubricant for these bearings. Its high base oil viscosity and its content of solid lubricants provide the ideal combination for these extremely challenging conditions.

Oil-lubricated bearings are equipped with a fully sealed circulation system. GEARMASTER SYN and GEARMASTER ECO are the widely approved synthetic oils to be used in these systems.

Ball mill

Even though ball mills are gradually being replaced by vertical mills and roller presses, they are still the most common grinding system in today's Cement Plants. The majority of ball mills is driven by Open Gears. Some have central drives and enclosed gear/bearing arrangements.

CEPLATTYN is the first choice for spray, bath and circulation lubrication of Open Gears. It is available as black graphite-containing grease, a as light-colored fluid, or as light-colored fluid with white reactive solid lubricants.

The entire CEPLATTYN range is the life insurance for an Open Gear drive. For mills driven by central gear drives or closed gear arrangements, the GEARMASTER CLP range is the widely approved choice.


Within the cement storage and packaging section different machine parts need lubrication. Silos are equipped with small Open Gear drive for the discharging unit. They have to be lubricated by CEPLATTYN BL if applied via automatic greasers, or by CEPLATTYN 300, if applied manually.

Bearings of conveyors and various parts of sack packaging machines are to be lubricated by a state-of-the-art grease such as LAGERMEISTER XXL. Its stable thickener system and elevated base oil viscosity allow LAGERMEISTER XXL to be widely used as a multi-purpose grease within a Cement Plant where moderate to high temperatures or medium to high loads are to be covered. It is compatible with most other greases.

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