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Research and development at FUCHS WISURA

Recognized – our commitment to research and development

"Our concern is to find the best-balanced formulations for our lubricants. They should be extremely effective, save costs where possible and be environmentally-friendly. This is our aim when developing innovative products. Our chlorine-free oils for sheet metal forming are a good example of this: they not only impress from an ecological point of view, but also triple tool service lives. It is these successes that truly make our products 'premium lubricants'."

Prof. Dr. Joachim Schulz, Head of Research and Development at FUCHS WISURA GMBH

FUCHS WISURA GMBH is among Europe's leading developers of special lubricants for metal forming operations.

With this expertise we have not only made a name for ourselves among our customers: In the global group of companies around FUCHS PETROLUB SE we are the center of expertise for metal forming and provide consulting services to all Group companies. Furthermore, we run the worldwide specialist group "Key Work Group Forming" In order to make our metal forming lubricants even more economical and effective, we continuously research new additives and additive combinations. The basis for this is our theory on the interaction of additives and metallic surfaces, which has been confirmed in numerous tests under real-life conditions.

Thanks to our commitment in developing our products, we have been able to realize far-reaching innovations:

  • Chlorine-free forming of stainless steels
  • Chlorine-free precision cutting oils
  • Dispensing with conversion coating in cold massive forming processes
  • Products based on renewable raw materials – free from mineral oils, solvents and VOCs

To ensure we are always at the cutting edge, we work in associations and cooperate with renowned institutes, such as the Foundation Institute of Materials Science (IWT) in Bremen or the Laboratory for Machine Tools and Production Engineering (WZL) in Aachen.

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