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Surely you are wondering which engine oil is the best for your vehicles. There are many manufacturers of engine oils who advertise with original manufacturer approvals.
However, you must pay attention to three key features to see if it is high quality engine oil with original manufacturer releases:


General: The physical and chemical properties alone are not enough to select the right lubricant for an aggregate. Therefore, elaborate engine tests and bench tests are performed to verify and represent the performance of a lubricant. These requirements are reflected in delivery instructions, manufacturer approvals and specifications.

A specification itself defines requirements for lubricants in which the physical and chemical properties as well as the test methods are defined.
Worldwide independent organizations define the performance of engine oils with their specifications. Only after meeting specified criteria engine oils are assigned to a specification: e.g. ACEA and / or API.


Automobile manufacturers worldwide check the suitability of engine oils for each of their engine types. The manufacturer issues a separate approval for these extensively tested engine oils:
For example, you can identify an engine oil suitable for Mercedes Benz engines by the release phrase: "MB-APPROVAL 229.51".

A manufacturer release, such as MB-APPROVAL 229.51 means that the vehicle or aggregate manufacturer releases the oil for use and has confirmed this release in writing to the lubricant manufacturer or issued a license number.

This means that a reputable lubricant manufacturer can always document and prove original manufacturer approvals.


In addition, responsible lubricant manufacturers make recommendations based on extremely extensive vehicle tests and development partnerships and clearly present them as their own recommendation on the respective products.

Only by serious handling and communication with these terms can you identify the actual performance profile of lubricants.

Trust in FUCHS lubricants and the know-how of more than 85 years of lubricant development. With our numerous development projects in the automotive industry, we today already know the technology of tomorrow.

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FUCHS offers engine oils with the latest specifications and the latest original manufacturer approvals.

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