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Faster. Stronger. Better for your Engine.

 XTL® - Technology (eXtreme Temperature Lubrication)  is the platform for the ever- increasing demands of modern engines from which FUCHS' has developed its current generation of high-performance engine oils.

Due to exceptional performance under extreme conditions, engine oils with XTL® - Technology reach all areas in the engine faster and more reliably. A protective oil film is guaranteed where needed urgently in the engine. For the driver, this means improved wear protection, easier starting procedures and lower fuel consumption. XTL® also ensures a more stable level of oil performance and protection over the entirety of the drain interval compared to other products in the market thereby maximizing engine longevity.

XTL® benefits at-a-glance:

  • Better low-temperature start-up behavior: Up to 55% faster lubrication times* and up to 35% faster start-up times*
  • Lower fuel consumption: Up to 1.7% additional reduction in fuel consumption*
  • Reduced oil consumption: Up to 18% less*
  • Improved aging stability: 38% lower increase in viscosity.

Easier Starting Procedures

The performance of the XTL® motor oil technology was tested under extreme conditions. To test the special advantages of the start-up behavior, a conventional motor oil with current 5W-30 technology and the respective manufacturer approvals were compared to a motor oil of the same viscosity based on the new XTL® - Technology in a series of thorough tests in a cold chamber at -17°F.

Lower Fuel Consumption

Comprehensive engine tests show that the higher performance reserves of XTL® motor oil technology not only result in easier starting procedures, lower wear and higher reliability, but that fuel consumption is significantly reduced as well. With additional fuel savings of 1.7% compared to a conventional motor oil from the 5W-30 viscosity class, the superior smooth running properties of the XTL® - Technology are highly evident.

Constant & Reliable Oil Performance

The new XTL® motor oil lubricates the engine more quickly allowing the lubricant to lower fuel consumption and provide better start-up wear protection. More importantly, XTL®-based oils not only provide these benefits when the oil is fresh, but consistently throughout the entire oil change interval. This was demonstrated in a 100-hour test run on the GM 3800 V6 engine. The test showed an increase in viscosity from fresh oil to used oil when using XTL® engine oil. It was  38% lower than the comparable, conventional oil.


The top-grade premium engine oils TITAN GT1 EVO SAE 0W-20, TITAN GT1 PRO V SAE 0W-20, TITAN GT1 LL-12 FE SAE 0W-30, TITAN GT1 PRO C-3 SAE 5W-30, TITAN GT1 PRO 229.6 SAE 5W-30 and TITAN GT1 SAE 5W-40 all employ the new XTL® technology and have already been approved by well-known engine manufacturers.

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