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FUCHS is aware that some of our customers will be experiencing downtime with metal processing systems. To be proactive, we would like to offer the following guidelines for you to avoid excessive fluid usage or objectionable working conditions for machine operators.

These measures are for water-based Metalworking fluids. Please consult with your account manager for your specific situation. 

  1. Check the age of the system. If it is near a normal dump and recharge condition that would be the preferred activity. It is ok to leave systems empty, but we would recommend coating all metal surfaces with either an acceptable rust preventative or spraying a minimum 5% solution of an ECOCOOL fluid prior to shutting down. 
  2. Please ensure the pH of the system is above 8.5, but preferably between 8.8-9.2. Exceptions would be for pH neutral fluids like ECOCOOL SYN 2175 with a range of 7.0-8.0. If the pH is below recommended range, please add pH Conditioner until the pH is acceptable. 
  3. Please ensure the concentration of ECOCOOL is within normal operating range. In general, a minimum of 5% should provide adequate biological and corrosion control, but higher concentrations would be preferred. 
  4. Test the system(s) for bacteria and fungus. If bacteria counts are above 103 or fungus is above 101 a treatment with appropriate biocide is recommended prior to shutting down. The use of RENOCLEAN SGC 62 at 1-2% in systems during operation prior to shutting down will assist with biological control and removal of residues without detriment to tooling, foam or operator environment. 
  5. Monitor tramp oils. When possible, remove all surface tramp oils or other contaminants to ensure that the coolant is not cut off from the environment since this can lead to increased biological activity and odors.
  6. Attempt to provide some circulation to the systems daily, even if just on a timer or dropping an air hose to provide some movement of the fluid. Recommended circulation is 4-5 hours per day if possible. 
  7. If the system is to be down for more than two weeks, a treatment with a biocide and 3-4 hours circulating time is recommended weekly or at least every two weeks. 
  8. Supply of system samples to our Technical Service lab prior to start up (after circulation) can ensure the fluid(s) are ready for the performance required. 

For large Central Systems: 

  • Send a sample in to the Fuchs Technical Service lab for analysis before the system shutdown. The lab can do a thorough analysis of the state of the system and give specific recommendations before a shut-down. 

If you have any further technical questions please contact our product management team at  (519) 622-2040.

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