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Cleaning for Open Gears

CEPLATTYN CLEANER is a special cleaner with very good lubrication properties. CEPLATTYN CLEANER has been especially developed for a dynamic cleaning of Open Gear systems used in cement, mining and power generation industries.

Why clean an Open Gear?

A clean Open Gear facilitates any work on the drive: 

maintenance work like repair and grinding as well as periodical checks,
    e.g. crack inspection and static wear measurements

reversal of a gear set

replacement of a gear set 


Product Feature:

  • excellent cleaning effect
  • very good wear protection during dynamic cleaning
  • corrosion protection properties
  • highly effective application via commercially available high pressure cleaner 
  • also suitable for the cleaning of other metallic components, e.g. chains, wire ropes and articulated join

Not only the product features offer their advantages, but also the cost savings. Because the CEPLATTYN CLEANER is a very cost effective cleaning solution.

Possible cost savings:

  • consumption reduction of up to 50% while maintaining its cleaning effect, compared to conventional Open Gear cleaners
  • saved time through fast cleaning procedure with reduced work effort
  • reduced waste due to lower cleaner consumption and less operating supplies
  • less manpower required
  • reduced down time of machinery

Our range of services

In addition to our outstanding regular inspection service for Open Gears including 

vibration measurements,

temperature measurements and

checking the contact pattern of the tooth flanks etc.,

our customers benefit from our Open Gear cleaning service, being part of our extended service range, that also covers re-profiling, removal of pitting, alignment, etc

CEPLATTYN CLEANER may only be applied onto Open Gears by specialists trained by FUCHS experts.

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