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Automotive lubricants for the car interior

Noise reduction thanks to CARBAFLO oils

Trends like e-mobility are presenting the automotive industry with new challenges. After all, the silence that results from not having an internal combustion engine not only changes the nature of mobility, but also the perception of the familiar background noise in vehicle interiors. Anything that makes a disturbing noise in the interior reduces the pleasure of driving. After all, a car is not only driven, but rather experienced on a multi-sensory level. This also presents new challenges for the automotive industry in terms of development and interior acoustic design.

Our lubricating oils CARBAFLO KSP 105 and CARBAFLO XTR 5F prevent annoying noises such as leather creaking, squeaking of the dashboard and the interior door trim and thus ensure quietness in the car interior and a pleasant driving comfort. This is because the application of the virtually invisible lubricating film prevents squeaking and rattling - also frequently referred to as the "stick-slip effect" - from a wide variety of material pairings of vehicle components.


  • Dashboard
  • Center console
  • Cup holder
  • Glove box
  • Seating systems
  • Interior door panels
  • Sealing systems
  • Pedals
  • Steering column
  • Window sun blinds

CARBAFLO KSP 105 may be used for the maintenance of electrical contacts for plug connections in the car interior.



  • reduce annoying squeaking and rattling and improve the acoustics in the car interior
  • can be applied to almost all materials and various components such as sealings, leather and textiles in the car interior
  • extend the lifetime of sealings, as they are protected by the applied film
  • are almost invisible after application on the components thanks to the transparent lubricating film
  • spread even into the smallest gaps and crevices thanks to their good flow properties
  • are odorless and unnoticeable to the passenger
  • are not flammable
  • are not toxic - PFPE fluids are suitable for the use in the food industry and in the medical field
  • are resistant to very cold and very high temperatures (-54 bis +220 °C)


CARBAFLO KSP 105 and CARBAFLO XTR 5F are used and recommended by leading automotive manufacturers and automotive suppliers or OEMs.

'Annoying noises in the car interior can cause stress. By using CARBAFLO anti-squeak products driving gets more comfortable.'

Dennis Labisch, Product Manager Fluids

How to use anti-squeak oils?

CARBAFLO KSP 105 and CARBAFLO XTR 5F can be applied to clean surfaces by wiping, brushing or dipping during production or assembly processes. A range of manual or automatic application options are possible. In addition, the products are available in convenient containers such as the 10 g oiler or the 50 g dabomatic stick.

Quality control: CARBAFLO XTR 5F can be detected on any surface under UV light.

For an easier application: CARBAFLO KSP 105-80 and CARBAFLO XTR 5F-80 allow a simplified application because they have a carrier fluid. After application, the carrier oil evaporates directly, leaving a clean, almost invisible film.

If the surfaces need to be cleaned in preparation, we recommend METABLANC PFPE.


From 10 g precision oiler with clip over 50 g dabomatic pen with dosing sponge up to 8 kg bottle or also available as spray.

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Private Label

Your brand name can be on anything where FUCHS is inside.

CARABFLO KSP 105 is also used successfully at exterior mirrors.

We have a full range of lubricants for a wide variety of automotive applications.

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