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REACH - Important information for our customers

Manufacturers and importers of chemical substances completed the pre-registration of chemical substances provided for by REACH on 1 December 2008.

From this point on, the necessary information provided in the final registration dossiers must be collected.

Such registration also includes the uses and applications of the substances throughout their life cycle as well as the exposure scenarios and recommended risk management measures to ensure their safe use. When a substance has been registered, it can only be used within the scope of registered uses.

In the event of intermediate or final users acknowledging that their use is not covered by the registration, you have two options: you can contact the manufacturer to update the registration in order to include your use, or you can register your particular use on your own behalf.

The latter option would entail additional steps and costs. It is therefore highly recommended that before 20 November all uses are identified throughout the supply chain and included in the initial registration.

To simplify the process and provide you maximum support as a customer, you must verify that the use of the products that you consume is properly described.

Dear Customer, What should you do?

First, you will find two files on this website:

Product List File

Descriptor File

FUCHS products are listed in the Product List file stating the codes that refer to their uses, applications, exposure scenarios, etc.

A description for each of the above codes is given in the Descriptor File. The code types are the following:

· Sector Use Code (SU)

· Product Category Code (PC)

· Process Category Code (PROC)

· Environmental Release Category Code (ERC)

· Article Category Code (AC) for articles with or without intentional release of substances

Additionally, it distinguishes between industrial (i), professional (p) or consumer (c) use.

Update your computer's cache memory by pressing the F5 key before starting to download the files.

Should you not find the product you consume, or the description of it does not match your situation or you have any questions, please contact us as soon as possible at the following address: REACH.es(at)fuchs-oil.com Tel: +34 937 730 254

For further information: More REACH information and FUCHS for REACH

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