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Wind power

To ensure wind turbines operate efficiently and reliably with minimum-possible wear and maxi-mum power generation, you need a partner who has both: experience and innovative strength. A one-stop shop with an in-depth understanding of the wind industry’s requirements and challenges. With a worldwide network and a global supply chain to guarantee product availability anytime, anywhere. And with highly efficient lubrication solutions help create more energy during turbine lifetime and decrease your carbon footprint and lower your cost per kWh. At FUCHS we offer all this and more. Working collaboratively, we develop high performance lubrication solutions tailored to each wind application’s precise requirements. Count on us for support, advice and a positive can-do attitude.

As the global demand for green energy rises, wind power will play an increasingly important role in the world’s power supply. Whatever environment a wind farm op-erates in – hot, cold, dry, or corrosive – at FUCHS we do everything we can to ensure no energy is unnecessarily lost.

Our expertise solves all lubrication-based challenges faced by wind turbine and drive component manufacturers as well as wind farm operators. Our specialty lubricants help reduce wear on equipment, increases lifetime of hardware and components thereby significantly lowering maintenance effort and costs. With several thousand installations world-wide and many gigawatts of generated energy, we have extensive first-hand market experience and technological expertise under our belt, something you benefit from as our partner. 

Sharing knowledge and working collaboratively, we actively integrate you in the development process. As a global company, our products, solutions and services are readily available worldwide. Our commitment to sustainable practices and efficient solutions help you create more energy along turbine lifetime and improve your carbon footprint. 

    Choose FUCHS and benefit from:

    > A full-line supplier with a one-stop shop for all wind applications worldwide

    > Solutions tailored to your needs

    > Lubrication expertise and out-of-the-box thinking wherever you are located

    > Green solutions that make you more sustainable

    In Detail – Our Full-Solution-Package

    RENOCLEAN GSA 5201Non-hazardous water-based cleaner ready for direct use for cleaning the interior surfaces of the nacelle. Foaming is recommended to enhance its effect.

    Universally applicable cleaning concentrate for cleaning e.g. cables and control cabinet housings.

    STABYL EOS E2Fully synthetic high-performance grease on a lithium soap base, especially for use in wind power plants
    STABYL LX 460 SYNSynthetic high-performance grease especially for use in wind power plants



    Non-flammable special cleaning agents. Possibility to work on live parts. Intended for cleaning of ring bodies and other sensitive parts



    Special dielectric cleaners for cleaning of insulating sections and grease residues on the internal casing of the generator
    GLEITMO 585KIt is a well-proven, fully-synthetic special lubricant containing reactive white solid lubricants
    GLEITMO 585K PLUSHigh-strength paste with white solid lubricants and suitable for progressive lubrication systems
    GLEITMO 850 STNewly developed grease based on state-of-the-art thickener and technology for blade and yaw bearing lubrication
    STABYL LX 460 SYNIt is a fully synthetic high-performance grease which was especially developed for the use in wind turbines
    RENOLIN UNISYN XT 150, 220, 320The oils of the RENOLIN UNISYN XT Series are fully-synthetic industrial gear lubricants based on innovative polyalphaolefines. 
    RENOLIN UNISYN CLP 150, 220, 320RENOLIN UNISYN CLP oils are fully-synthetic industrial gear oils based on PAO with excellent wear protection, good ageing stability, very high VI and a very low pour point.
    RENOLIN PG 320RENOLIN PG oils are fully-synthetic, high-Performance industrial gear oils based on polyalkyleneglycols (PAG) with the best possible ageing stability and EP properties.
    RENOLIN PentoGear 320 WTRENOLIN PentoGear 320 WT is a high-Performance PAO-free industrial gear oil based on special polymers in combination with hydrogenated base oils for the use in wind turbines. RENOLIN PentoGear 320 WT provides very good wear protection both for gears and bearings.
    PLANTOGEAR 320 SRapidly biodegradable and environmentally friendly, high performance gear oils based on saturated synthetic esters. 
    URETHYN XHD 2Full-synthetic polyurea grease for extreme application conditions
    CEPLATTYN BLGraphite-containing adhesive lubricant for the lubrication of gears, especially in wind power plants, for sliding tracks and chains
    CEPLATTYN BL WHITEGraphite-containing adhesive lubricant for the lubrication of gears, especially in wind power plants, for sliding tracks and chains
    CEPLATTYN 300 SPRAYHighly adhesive and easy-to-apply spray lubricating grease for pinion-crown gear drive in pitch and yaw bearings
    RENOLIN XtremeTemp 32, 46The RENOLIN Xtreme Temp series was developed for hydraulic systems which are working in a wide temperature range.
    RENOLIN UNISYN OL 32, 46Compressed air has become a major form of energy and the reliable generation of compressed air is vital. Operators require compressors to function perfectly over and beyond entire service intervals. 
    ECO HYD S PLUSRapidly biodegradable hydraulic oil formulated from fully saturated synthetic esters


    RENOLIN B 32 HVI Plus

    High viscosity index special hydraulic oil based on mineral oils which has been developed for a wide range of working temperatures
    RENOLIN ZAF 32 LT RENOLIN ZAF 32 LT is newly developed zinc- and ash-free low temperature hydraulic and lubrication oils. Both products have an extremely high viscosity index. 
    RENOCLEAN GMO 2203Water-based cleaner for pre-cleaning by foaming of transformers and switchgear cabinets

    Count on us globally

    Global full line supplier, one-stop-shop solution provider

    Wide global network and global supply chain, globally available products and service solutions

    > Close relationships with key manufacturers, such as gearbox manufacturers, bearings, and lube systems

    > Broad product range and hands-on support

    > Globally consistent core products

    Benefit from our expertise

    World class in R&D

    > State-of-the-art production and testing facilities

    > Strong technical expertise and a highly-qualified team

    Excellent market knowledge and consulting approach

    > Creating value through technology that pays back

    Maximize your efficiency

    > Investing in green solutions

    > Highly efficient customer solutions through state-of-the-art greases and top notch technology

    > More energy generation along turbine lifetime, less need for maintenance

    > Improving customers carbon footprint

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