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What it means to be an INNOVATIVE SME

Royal Decree 475/2014 of 13 June allows the Ministry of Economy and Competitiveness to recognise companies that have proven to be outstanding in the field of research, technological development and innovation, awarding them the stamp of INNOVATIVE SME.

This stamp is a public recognition of the efforts of FUCHS LUBRICANTES, S.A.U. to remain at the forefront of innovation and to spearhead research into the design, production and marketing of high-performance lubricant products.

Some of the projects accredited by the Ministry of Economy and Competitiveness

Usually, industrial cleaning operations of metal parts are carried out at temperatures of 30, 40 or 60 ºC.

Working at temperatures below 30 °C, even at room temperature, presents some challenges for degreasing fluids: maintaining detergency, separation of foreign oils and staying safe from microbiological contamination.

The main advantages of reducing working temperatures are lower energy consumption, greater safety for staff and more sustainable processes in general.

This project consists of modifying the composition of a product designed for tube forming in steel, mild steel and galvanised steel. The great difficulty is to provide the necessary corrosion protection for all three materials alike.

It was necessary to discover alternative technology and develop laboratory testing methods to determine the anti-corrosive power of the products with respect to different materials, and which are representative of what actually happens to the tubes during processing.

Development of products that are incorporated into those used regularly in a rolling mill, to increase lubricating power when working particularly difficult materials. These products must be perfectly compatible with in-service products and are designed for virtually every product/application.

Due to the labelling of formaldehyde releasing agents as carcinogens, these biocides have been replaced in all FUCHS formulations. This avoids any carcinogenic substances from appearing on our product safety data sheets, which reduces the concern of our factory staff, laboratories and customers with regard to risks.

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