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PLANTO MOT SAE 10W-40 – a new environmentally sound engine oil for heavy diesels in sensitive environments

It still seems pretty unusual to hear eco-products and heavy diesels being mentioned in the same sentence. This is a shame, as there are now ultra-modern, environmentally sound alternatives that perform at least as well as other modern engine oils designed for new generation engines.

PLANTO MOT SAE 10W-40 is a high-performance, low-ash engine oil for diesel engines in heavy vehicles. It is the newcomer to our PLANTO range, where all the products are based on synthetic esters or vegetable oils which are biodegradable. PLANTO MOT SAE 10W-40 is specially developed for machines used in agriculture, forestry and construction – primarily for use in sensitive environments and close to water.

“It’s important for us to develop good environmental alternatives also in the heavy machine segment,” says Kenny Åhlfeldt, an Application Engineer in Automotive. “It’s relatively easy to make a degradable product, but much harder to make one with genuinely high performance. I’m proud to say that PLANTO MOT SAE 10W-40, which is based partly on renewables, more than achieves the technical performance that heavy vehicles require – especially compared to conventional lubricants based on mineral oil.”

First with official OEM approval according to DEUTZ
Thanks to its high performance, PLANTO MOT SAE 10W-40 is the world’s first biodegradable engine oil to receive official OEM approval according to DEUTZ DQC IV-18 LA. And of course, it passes all the necessary tests of elastomer compatibility required by API and ACEA. The recommended field of application is also broad. The oil can be used for the latest specifications and used in a wide range of makes – a bonus as it can reduce the number of different engine oils needed for a fleet.

“While PLANTO MOT SAE 10W-40 is primarily designed for heavy machines in sensitive environments, it also works well for other machines, in the transport sector for instance. Sustainability consciousness is becoming increasingly important also in the heavy segment, and thinking sustainably is a competitive advantage nowadays,” says Åhlfeldt. “A lot of companies with heavy vehicles could easily boost their environmental profile by switching to new generation lubricants. It’s far easier when environmental consciousness goes side by side with full performance.”

For maximum output and load
Low-ash engine oils with DEUTZ approval are designed for engines with maximum output and maximum thermal load, such as steel piston engines, and engines with high demands on piston purity and extended oil-drain intervals. Its low ash content also shields particulate filters, catalytic converters and other components that help to manage emissions in modern vehicles.

PLANTO MOT SAE 10W-40 is compatible and miscible with other engine oils. Even so, we recommend draining the other oil before an oil change so as not to compromise on other benefits, such as the environmental aspect. Also bear in mind that even though PLANTO MOT SAE 10W-40 is made with sustainability in mind, the residual product should still be treated as hazardous waste as it contains combustion residues from the engine.

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