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Service fluids

Automotive service fluids

With our service fluids as complementary products, we offer a full range for the automotive industry, with the right brake fluid, coolant and fuel additives for all types of vehicle.

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Without proper coolant, the cooling system provides ideal conditions for corrosion due to its high temperatures and large volume of water. Deep rust spots can occur in the metal, potentially causing the water pump or the entire cooling system to fail. This can ultimately lead to extremely costly engine damage.

The most important job of an antifreeze is to absorb and distribute heat so that the engine can work at as even and stable a temperature as possible. Antifreeze achieves this partly by reducing the freezing point of the water to below 0°C, and partly by preventing the engine from overheating Another important function is to protect the engine against corrosion and cavitation. The third, but equally important, job is to protect all the various materials in the engine.

Did you know that it’s important to check which coolant your engine needs?

Brake fluids

Brake fluids are special hydraulic fluids used to transfer the pedal force to the wheel brake cylinder during braking. The demands on brake fluids are high:

  • A high boiling point means safety even in extreme conditions, such as extremely high temperatures.
  • As low as possible a boiling point drop on water absorption (high wet boiling point).
  • Optimal corrosion protection of the brake system.
  • A high degree of compatibility with all brake system materials, such as plastics, rubber and metals.

Have your brake fluid checked every two years, and replace as necessary.


AdBlue is specifically designed for diesel vehicles equipped with SCR (Selective Catalytic Reduction) technology. The product is filled into a separate tank on the vehicle and must never be mixed with the diesel fuel. AdBlue, in combination with SCR, reduces nitrogen oxides and many of the particulates in diesel exhaust fumes, while also cutting fuel consumption.

Windshield liquid

The product removes dirt effectively without leaving streaks. Our windscreen washer fluids are specially developed for Nordic conditions. Available ready-mixed and as a concentrate. The concentrate is diluted with water directly in the windshield liquid container to achieve the desired freezing point.


Summer 1 part concentrate + 6 parts water
Winter-10°C1 part concentrate + 4 parts water
 -18°C1 part concentrate + 2 parts water
 -29°C1 part concentrate + 1 parts water

Alkylate gasoline

Alkylate gasoline contains very low levels of aromatic hydrocarbons. Consequently, it has far less impact on human health and the environment than normal petrol. This is particularly important in small two-stroke engines, as they are often technically basic and combust inefficiently, which means much of the fuel is released uncombusted. This in turn has an adverse impact both on the environment and on you, the user. Alkylate gasoline provides a cleaner combustion, which increases the life of the engine and ensures greater running reliability.

‘Colour blind’ glycol management is easier and more reliable

Select and mix right – and don’t rely on the colours. This is the main advice when it comes to glycol products – the products that protect the cooling system against freezing and rust, but also provide necessary lubrication. Read more about how to make glycol management easier and more reliable – all year round!

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Our product finder contains an overview of our wide range of service fluids for cars, trucks and commercial vehicles.

With our Oil Chooser you can easily find the right fluid for your vehicle. Search by licence plate number, or in steps by make and model. 

Looking for more lubricants? Use our Product Assistant to easily find the right lubricants for your vehicle.

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