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Refrigeration oils

Our refrigeration oils

Here is a list of all our refrigeration oils. It combines products suitable for modern, more environmentally friendly refrigerants, but also oils for older types of refrigerant.

To find the right recommendation for a product: 

  • Find out what refrigerant is used in the system.
  • It is also worth finding out the brand of compressor, model and type, as well as any recommendations regarding refrigeration oil.
  • Also information about what refrigeration oil is currently in the system.
  • It is also important to know whether the oil has to be approved for use with food.
  • In addition, you may also need to look at the temperature and pressure in the system to find the right product. The refrigeration engineer can generally check technical data in graphs for our oils to find out what works best.
  • If not, please contact us and we’ll be happy to help with an appropriate recommendation.

NSF H1 = Approved for use with food, and may be used where the oil could inadvertently come into contact with food.  
NSF H2 = May be used in the food industry but may not come into contact with food. 
NH3 = Ammonia as a refrigerant (also trading name R 717).
CO2 = Carbon dioxide as a refrigerant (also trading name R 744).

Better cooling with lower environmental impact

Tougher legal requirements for cooling installations from 1 January 2020. 

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