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Distribution and transfert

FUCHS offers oil and grease distribution equipment for the equipment of maintenance or production workshops.

AUTOLUBER - Automatic lubrication system

The AUTOLUBER H443 HD88 is a single-point automatic lubrication system that can be used on All applications requiring safe lubrication, difficult to access or permanent. Adjusting the selector knob allows dispensing a volume of 120 ml of lubricant to 1,2, 3, 4, 6 or 12 months. The distribution is triggered by an electrochemical process which pushes the lubricant Lubrication point under a pressure of 5 bar maximum. Automatic lubricators can also be combined to increase the quantities and points Lubricated. Pipes connected to the system can reach lengths up to 2 meters.

Pneumatic container distribution system

Example of pneumatic equipment including a gun with meter + flexible 10 meters, mountable on container 1.000 liters. Several models available

Mobile barrel grease assembly

Complete pneumatic equipment for lubrication consisting of:

• a pump 50/1

• a hose of length 4 m

• a grease gun

• a drum roller

Electric grease pump box

    • Allows use of grease up to class NLGI 2.
    • High performance battery: 1500 Mah.
    • Electric motor 18 V
    • Fast battery charging: 1 hour
    • Solid construction, with shoulder strap

Screw-in cartridge grease pump

This dual lever hand pump provides a higher pressure range and a higher amount of lubricant than conventional grease pumps. 500g cartridges are completely emptied and the grease is protected from contamination as no components can enter the tank.

Lubricating nipples

Range of graduated HDPE pots, available from 1.5 to 5 liters and equipped with a molded handle. These pitchers are hermetic and robust; They allow precise filling of organs, without the risk of oil spillage or external pollution, even in places that are difficult to access. They can be equipped with more or less long nozzles or plugs for handling in the workshops. They can all be used with oils with a viscosity of up to 220 cSt and above for wide nozzles (up to 680 cSt).


This pneumatic pump has a double function: suction and delivery


It is mainly used to fill and / or empty machine tanks

lubricants and cutting fluids; it can be used for hydraulic circuits.

Made of metal, this pump is designed so that it can be quickly attached to metal drums fitted with a 2 '' drain (e.g. 205L).

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