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Automatic spray washers

The machines in the ACS range are rotary basket spray washing machines, which are used with hot detergent degreasing products. They are equipped with a motorized rotary basket (except ACS 60), a sprinkler system with ramps equipped with calibrated nozzles for optimum cleaning, a tank with a heating and temperature control system, one or Two electric pumps (depending on the model). The 304L stainless steel construction and the use of high-quality electro-mechanical components guarantee high reliability and robustness. These equipments are available in different sizes and with optional equipment (de-oiler, heat insulation, suction of vapors ...). The ACS degreasing machines are used in a production workshop for the interoperation or final degreasing of all types of mechanical parts, for the cleaning of tools as well as in maintenance and renovation workshops for industrial equipment, railway or military equipment.

ACS 60

  • Basket diameter: 600 mm
  • Load capacity: 100 Kg
  • Volume: 75 liters

ASC 750

  • Basket diameter: 740 mm
  • Load capacity: 400 Kg
  • Volume: 90 liters

ACS 900

  • Basket diameter: 890 mm
  • Load capacity: 400 Kg
  • Volume: 130 liters

ACS 1150

• Basket diameter: 1140 mm

• Load capacity: 400 Kg

• Volume: 210 liters

ACS 1500

• Basket diameter: 1460 mm

• Load capacity: 300 Kg

• Volume: 250 liters

ACS 1800

• Basket diameter: 1800 mm

• Load capacity: 400 Kg

• Volume: 270 liters

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