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Originally developed for graphic applications, the new generation of SPRAY.XACT equipment allows the fog-free application of a film of lubricant on the surface of the strips to be stamped or cut.   Unlike the conventional micro spray systems, the lubricant is sprayed without jet of air at the nozzle. The jet is produced using a high-frequency solenoid valve integrated into the nozzles.   Each valve is individually controlled and automatically adjusts to the feed speed.   Adjustment and modification of lubricant flow is easy even during the process. SPRAY.XACT controls the removal of lubricant by means of a simple and precise electronic control module, either by manual programming or by servo-control. The spray intensity remains constant even with variable feed rates. Intensity and spray frequency are adjustable on each nozzle.   Advantages :

• Improvement of hygiene and safety conditions

• Cleanliness of the workstation

• Savings by controlling consumption

• Compact construction

• Compatibility with lubricants of different natures

• Control of the tool-controlled equipment

LUBOMAT - Roll coating

• Application of the product by felt rolls.

• Width of the rolls from 50 to 800 mm.

• Standard tank 5 liters.

• Manual valve or solenoid valve.

• Regular and homogeneous coating of the sheet or strip on one or two sides.

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