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Wheel Bearing Greases


A bearing is a component that connects elements of the machine that move in rotation relative to each other. There is a general distinction between bearings and plain bearings.

Unlike bearings, the plain bearings allow rotational and sliding movements of a shaft in the corresponding bearing. These elements are only separated by a lubricant or a special coating. The shaft is in direct contact with the lubricated bushing.

In rolling bearings, the rolling elements are generally guided by a cage and can be of different kinds (balls or rollers for example). They provide a point or linear contact.
Compared to the plain bearings, the friction losses are considerably reduced thanks to the limited contact surface and the rolling movement that dominates. The bearings are mainly lubricated with grease and can therefore be used without significant sealing effort. For "lifetime" lubrication applications, sealed bearings are used with a grease suitable for initial lubrication.

It is the characteristics of the application, in particular the operating temperature, the type of materials, the different movements or the elastomers used which make it possible to determine the choice of lubricant suitable for the application.

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