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The REACH regulation has included boric acid in the list of so-called SVHC (Substance Very High Concerned) candidates because it is suspected of being reprotoxic to humans.
The legislation directly targets all preparations containing more than 5.5% free boric acid by identifying them with "Toxic" labeling.
Preparations containing less than 5.5% free boric acid are not affected by this labeling but its presence is reported in the safety data sheet as of 0.2%.
In the cutting fluids, the unneutralized boric acid is of little interest because it is once neutralized in "borates" that its properties are interesting.
The neutralization reactions with boric acid are never total, there is still a small amount unneutralized in the borates obtained but all FUCHS machining fluids have free boric acid contents well below 5.5% .
Nevertheless, FUCHS offers alternative technologies that in most cases offer comparable performance.

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