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Wax-based protective coatings are used for the very long-term protection of hollow bodies and assembled parts in the automotive industry. They are also suitable for many applications in other sectors such as the railway, aerospace, military ... The classical products, solvent or aqueous, require during their implementation a high temperature drying operation that requires specific installations and represents a time and a significant cost for the industrialist.
The evolution of environmental regulations and the sustainable development objectives of manufacturers, particularly in terms of CO2 emissions and lower energy consumption, are driving the development of new formulations for long-term corrosion protection.
The ANTICORIT® CPX technology developed by FUCHS is based on an innovative combination of wax and polymers whose polymerization process is based on an oxidation reaction at room temperature. This technology therefore does not require any cooking step and thus makes it possible to reach the economic and environmental objectives of the manufacturers.
ANTICORIT® CPX 3373 forms a firm and flexible protective film with excellent adhesion to different types of substrates and allows very high anticorrosion performance even with low film thickness.
It should be noted that these products called "full solid" contain no solvent or water and are also easily applicable at room temperature with conventional spraying systems commonly used in industry, without major changes to existing facilities.

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