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ECOLABEL Products - The perfect marriage of nature and advanced technology.

The new products in the PLANTO range are biogenic lubricants. In the past, "biolubricants" could usually be made from petroleum products. Biogenic lubricants, on the other hand, contain a very high proportion of renewable raw materials. As such, they represent the further development of "biolubricants", taking into account the source of the raw materials as well as their environmental compatibility.

For example, the carbon content from renewable raw materials is greater than 50% for hydraulic fluids carrying the Ecolabel; This rate is greater than 70% for chainsaw oil, more than 50% for two-cycle motor oils and gear oils and more than 45% for lubricating greases. Our rapidly biodegradable PLANTO products are based on synthetic esters or vegetable oils: This means that natural oils are stabilized by chemical modification, so that the finished products reach and surpass the required technical performance.

ECOLABEL standard and SEO - how does it work? The meaning of the European Ecolabel (EEL)

The Ecolabel aims to highlight products that, compared to conventional products, reduce the impact on the environment and thus contribute to the protection of the environment and sustainable development.
The EEL is the official eco-label of the European Commission. The "Marguerite" is a simple and reliable way of informing consumers about the quality of the product and its impact on the environment. All products labeled "Marguerite" have been independently tested for compliance with strict ecological and functional criteria.
EEL-awarded products weigh less on air, water, soil and human health than conventional mineral oil-based products available on the market. In addition, products with EEL may be more cost-effective than their conventional or comparable counterparts based on mineral oil, and added value can often be obtained during use.

The Ecolabel is valid for the following products:
* Hydraulic fluids
* Industrial grease
* Oils for chain
* Oils for lost lubrication
* Two-stroke oils
* Reducing oils and marine applications

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