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FUCHS develops and manufactures detergent and solvent degreasing products for cleaning operations for a large number of industrial applications: interoperation or final cleaning, high pressure, degreasing before and after heat treatment, immersion degreasing and ultrasonic cleaning, pickling, deoxidation, descaling, A3 solvents for vacuum sealed machines as well as a wide range of products for the cleaning and maintenance of industrial plants and equipment.
In addition to degreasing products, FUCHS offers washing equipment - detergent or biological degreasing fountain, high-pressure fountain, spray washing machine - and a full range of services and associated services including maintenance and waste treatment.

Cleaning in the metalworking industry

During the manufacture of metal or other components, all substances and particles which may detrimentally affect subsequent production processes or the later use of the part must be removed from the component’s surface.

During manufacturing processes, the surfaces of components come into contact with various substances which are intended to ease machining but which can leave residues which, in turn, may cause malfunctions and even process breakdowns in subsequent production processes. In addition, machining operations generate abrasion.

Finally, the contaminants which inevitably gather on the surfaces of components during storage and which must be removed prior to their subsequent use should be mentioned.

Depending on the application, a differentiation is made between:

Cleaning methods and products

It is only seldom possible to remove all the contaminants from the metal surfaces of a component in one operation. Often, the cleaning process requires a number of physical, chemical and physical-chemical steps.

Apart from purely mechanical procedures such as blasting and grinding, cleaners in the form of purely physically-active organic solvents or chemically-active aqueous solutions are used. Their effect can be assisted with physical procedures such as ultrasound.

There is a distinction between the following cleaning methods:

  1. Immersion or dip cleaning (ultrasonic cleaning)
  2. Spray cleaning
  3. Aqueous cleaners for manual cleaning and cleaning with steam cleaners or high-pressure washers
  4. Solvent-based cleaners
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