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Cutting Fluids

No lubricant is subject to such a fast change of the requirement profile as the cooling lubricant. A variety of ever-changing requirements in modern manufacturing, environmental and occupational safety requires innovative adaptations in terms of ingredients and application.

The principal functions of cutting fluids, whether they are water-miscible coolants or neat cutting fluids such as cutting and grinding oils, are

  • cooling and lubrication.

The primary objectives are to reduce friction between the tool and the material being machined as well as dissipating any thus created heat. Another role of the cutting fluid is

  • to flush any chips or swarf away from the cutting zone.

Additional properties of a cutting fluid include

  • providing effective corrosion protection for machines and components,
  • keeping foaming in check,
  • low evaporation and misting,
  • good skin and material compatibility,
  • a high flashpoint and high stability.
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