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FUCHS & DMG MORI Technology Partnership

FUCHS and DMG MORI lead a technological partnership in Europe since 2017.

This partnership is based on fluid management in three DMG MORI plants and DMG MORI machine equipment exhibited in European trade shows.

After the launch of the partnership at EMO Hannover in 2017, FUCHS accompanied DMG MORI in 2018 on the NORTEC trade fairs in Hamburg, SIMODEC in La Roche-sur-Foron, INDUSTRIE Paris in Villepinte, METAV in Düsseldorf, GRINDTEC in Augsburg, ILA in Berlin , AMB in Stuttgart and DMG MORI technical days in Pfronten and Bielefeld.


Projet 1 : DECKEL MAHO GmbH à Pfronten

Fluid management began on January 1, 2018. The FUCHS service includes filling, monitoring and maintenance of all lubricants used, with soluble cutting oil being by far the most important. The machines manufactured in the assembly department are supplied via three centralized systems, while the in-house production, the showroom and an outsourced manufacturing facility in Vils, Austria have individually filled machines. In these latter cases, the effort is therefore much greater.

All saved data is documented in the FUCHS CPM database. The stability of the process is demonstrated by a periodic evaluation of the key indicators previously defined.

Soluble cutting fluids used: 

  • ECOCOOL GLOBAL 10 PLUS (showroom)
  • ECOCOOL R 2030 IDM (assemblage)

Project 2: Filming Machines at GILDEMEISTER Bielefeld

The fluid management project at GILDEMEISTER in Bielefeld started on 1 January 2018. The FUCHS CPM team manages nearly 200 machine slots. The cutting oil of each machine built here is individually filled, replenished, monitored, maintained and drained. All collected data, such as quantities consumed, physicochemical checks and corrective actions are documented and evaluated in the FUCHS CPM database. This also applies to the complex recycling process, in which the emulsion used is reprocessed, stored in double-walled tanks and, if necessary, returned for use. This translates into savings in consumption and the amount of waste that produces a positive and environmentally sustainable effect.

Soluble cutting fluids used: 

  • ECOCOOL R 2030 IDM



The project was launched on April 1, 2018. The FUCHS CPM service equips centralized systems and individual machines with soluble cutting oil. This equipment is located in production and in the showroom, while in the assembly area the machines are filled centrally. As in the other two factories, the FUCHS CPM database is also used here, so that complete and professional documentation is provided.

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