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Biodegradable Oils

Since June 1st, 2015, the CLP (Classification, labeling, packaging) European regulations are in force. All mineral formulation oils with a final viscosity of less than 20.5mm² / s have seen their labels evolve into a more alarmist pictogram.

New risk phrase:
Aspiration hazard: May be fatal if swallowed and enters airways

Free of hydrocarbons in its formulations, the PLANTO range is not subject to this regulation, nor is it concerned by the INRS recommendation R451 identifying PAHs as carcinogenic elements. :
To learn more about PAHs.

The PLANTO range includes 11 references that cover all applications on all types of materials. It provides lasting solutions for the user with the advantage of mastered toxicology.

Without hydrocarbons, these oils are free of PAHs, molecules identified by INRS as carcinogenic (Recommendation R451) and a natural constituent of mineral oils.

The modification made chemically by the FUCHS Lubricant teams offers many advantages over the usual mineral technologies:

Performance :
- Better lubricity, reducing friction at the tool / workpiece interface and therefore wear

Decrease in consumption:
- Low evaporation rate
- Increased stability to oxidation and hydrolysis

Controlled environmental impact:
- Optimal biodegradability of the fluid at the end of its life or in the event of an accidental spill

Respect for the man
- An innocuousness towards the users
- Not affected by CLP legislation and INRS recommendation R451

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