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Quenching Oils

Today's engineering is characterized by ever-increasing demands in terms of performance, precision and economy. At the same time, the new working conditions of our customers and the growing awareness of the environment have set new standards. So we are perfectly aware of the problems our customers are facing today.
Working closely with our customers, we develop solutions that meet and often exceed the needs of today's market and the future. Especially in the field of heat treatment where quenching fluids play a central role. Only if the selected product is optimum can the required microstructures and mechanical properties be achieved. Any change in the cooling rate has an effect on the microstructure and properties of the material and consequently on its subsequent use.
In addition to the selection of the appropriate quenching fluid, precise control of the process parameters is crucial for the heat treatment results. Only a perfect match of all these parameters can guarantee the desired metallurgical results while controlling the deformations.
Trust a partner who knows all the facets of heat treatment and who will be happy to advise you and offer you the best solutions for perfect results.

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