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The expert in MQL technology offers a complete range of lubricants which covers 100% of machining

The MQL technology - Minimal Quantity Lubrication - has been growing exponentially for several years now. Thanks to a long-standing partnership with the automotive industry, machine tool builders and MQL application hardware manufacturers, FUCHS benefits from unparalleled know-how and expertise in this field, particularly MQL technology by internal lubrication. The leader of the greasing industry provides manufacturers with a range of MQL lubricants that covers 100% of the machining on 100% of existing materials.

The advantages of MQL technology by internal lubrication

Developed for large-scale production, and originally for the automotive industry some twenty years ago, micro-spray machining involves depositing a very small amount of cutting lubricant at the point of contact. material. This watering by the tool center, whatever the depth and the difficulty of machining, guarantees an optimal lubrication at the tip of the tool. The minimum amount required for the machining operation is injected and 100% of the lubricant is consumed. This technology offers three important advantages: the absence of a filtration group, the minimal consumption of lubricant and a healthy working environment with little emission of oil mists.

Compared with traditional machining, the MQL technology by internal lubrication makes it possible to significantly reduce the major costs of maintaining the lubricant (only the new product is consumed) and associated peripherals (filtration, extinguishing system, suction ...) as well as those related to the destruction of fluids at the end of life. In addition, this technology can save time in the production process: the parts are not greasy after machining, the degreasing operation can become optional.

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