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You use quenching oils and your production had to be stopped for several weeks ?

Here you will find tips for your quenching oil baths as part of a restart of your activity


FUCHS Product Management Experts recommend the following:

During periods of inactivity, the oil may take on moisture and especially for the bins in the open air. If this is the case, it may therefore have different cooling characteristics: Refroi-dissement speed at 300°C higher than normal with risk of higher deformations or even taps. To avoid this, it is important to:

1- Dehydrate the oil

  • Either by heating it to 80°C for 24 hours before the parts are hardened
  • Either by soaking loads of “riblons” before soaking parts to be treated

2- Monitor the filtration

After a rest period, the suspended oil material decants (even if the oil is permanently filtered) and may clog the filters at restart or quickly after. It is therefore necessary to monitor the rise in pressure of the filtration systems and, if necessary, to bring new filters in advance in order to carry out the change as quickly as possible.

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