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Working with us

Have you ever stopped and wondered what keeps the world moving? Did you know that here at FUCHS, we work to find solutions for moving your world?

You can find us everywhere, in the big things and the small. In wind power plants and turbines. At amusement parks and on Mars (we went with the Perseverance which landed there in 2021). We’re in the skateboard you get around on, the Tetra Pak you drink from, the sweets you eat. We’re even in the toothbrush you might use.

A place where the curious can grow

We like to see ourselves as a place where curious people can grow. People who like to put energy into exploring new opportunities, growing their ideas and perhaps also their careers. 

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Do you like making a difference?

At FUCHS in the Nordics, we want to make a difference from both a social and an environmental perspective. We value qualities such as trust, respect, integrity, reliability and sustainability. 

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Want to work with us?

Whether you can bring broad general knowledge or specialist expertise – the key issue for us is that you’re dedicated, motivated, and have the ability to see things through to the end. That way, together, we can carry on moving your world!

Work with us and you will be given responsibility, as well as opportunities to try out new roles. In the longer term, perhaps also internationally. FUCHS is, after all, the world’s biggest independent manufacturer of lubricants.

Life at FUCHS

Hear what some of our people say about working at FUCHS.

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