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Digital future with ‘talking’ lubricants

Digitalisation is redefining the playing field in many industries. The area of lubricants is no exception. The products of the future will tell us how they are doing and what kind of maintenance they need. Meanwhile, smart new systems are being launched that can even order their own spare parts.

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Innovative cutting fluids and their key role in making medical implants

Lubrication goes without saying in the automotive and other heavy industry. But did you know that lubricants also play a key role in manufacturing high-tech products, including medical implants?

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Microbiology – a weapon in the war against contaminants

Bacteria that contaminate cutting fluid systems disrupt production and cause problems in the working environment. The FUCHS microbiology lab has developed a ‘toolbox’ that tests cutting fluid resistance in a more intelligent way, making development more accurate and more closely customised.

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Waste – an ingredient in future lubricants

Waste could be the key to smarter production and lower environmental impact. That’s because some types of waste can be used to produce lubricants – a new approach that can save both money and the environment.

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Why specially adapted ATF oils are important

Increasing demands on ever better fuel economy and lower greenhouse gas emissions are calling for more and more complex vehicle constructions. For automatic transmission vehicles, technical developments mean it’s more important than ever to choose the right ATF oil, to ensure the transmission works optimally its entire life.

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Rallycross champion with a drive and a sense of detail

He has the drive and the feeling for details – and it made him European Rallycross Champion 2017. Now, Anton Marklund is defending his title. To help him he now has FUCHS, in a new collaboration that aims to help put Anton at the top of the podium again in 2018.

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Smart lubrication in a salty environment

The marine environment is demanding. Therefore, the technical expertise of this sea-salted environment needs to add that little extra. FUCHS has long experience in marine engineering. We know what is required to lubricate smartly, so that customers keep both course and speed.

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Electric cars – new technology calls for new lubrication

The market for electric cars is setting new records. It is redrawing the map in the automotive industry, but also affecting lubricant manufacturers and other suppliers to the industry. Read more about a changing industry, where technical solutions and attitudes towards mobility are currently being challenged.

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Lubricate right – increase energy efficiency

Greater energy efficiency and lower costs. These are just two of the goals of the energy mapping that large companies must now perform. Smarter lubrication can also further increase energy efficiency.

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Secure your lubrication maintenance – tips that show you how

Here are a few tips that help you keep good order in your lubrication maintenance. They reduce the risk of operational disruptions and unplanned stoppages and is a key component of Preventive Maintenance.

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Extreme oil technology with many advantages

X as in eXceptional. X as in eXtreme. These words sum up the properties of the XTL® technology in our engine oils: exceptional performance, in extreme conditions and temperatures. These oils reduce fuel and oil consumption, while also improving cold-start properties.

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How lubricating oil became clean tech

Environmentally adapted lubricants are available in many areas and are advanced clean tech. Degradable and renewable have been key words in the development journey that began 30 years ago and paved the way for many high-performance products.

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Oils of today are closely integrated with technology

Cooling, sealing, keeping clean and protecting against rust – lubricating oils are subject to a wide range of requirements. At the same time, oils are now often closely integrated with the technology to be lubricated. This is achieved by mixing from 2 to 22 ingredients to produce impressive properties.

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How to make wind power even greener

Oil leaks from wind turbines can pollute soil and water. However, this can be avoided by using green lubricants where possible. They cause no pollution and degrade naturally if they leak.

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Oil analysis creates opportunities for major savings

Machine breakdown and unplanned production stoppages are expensive. Quite often, the problems are related to the oil. Approximately 80 percent of breakdowns are caused by contaminated oil and poor filtration. This can be avoided by means of regular oil analyses.

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