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Our values

Brand culture on the foundation, on each of us we have based the most important values on us. Values, measures we follow every day, get solutions.


We always seek open discussion and let the best argument win, We communicate openly, clearly and factually. We treat our employees and partners both fairly and honestly.

Creating value

We offer our customers technically future-oriented products that generate added value.


We believe in a high level of ethics. We firmly believe that success can only be achieved when our words and values are in line with our actions.


We walk the talk. We are a role model and live out our corporate values. We set examples regarding motivation, commitment and excellent performance. We develop, produce and market technically sophisticated products.


Mutual trust forms the basis of our cooperation within the organization and with our customers, suppliers and investors. Working on the basis of mutual trust, we develop specific solutions together with our customers. We are open and transparent in our communication with our investors.


This triad sits at the heart of our business model and forms the basis for our daily actions worldwide.

Business hours:

+48 32 40 12 200

Monday - Friday: 7:00 - 16:00