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As a globally operating lubricant group with activities in various fields of business, FUCHS is continually exposed to competition. And we face this competition without any restriction. To us, fair competition is the basis of integrity and progress; it provides us with options and development opportunities in the market.

The actions of every FUCHS employee must be guided by compliance with the prevailing law. Management and employees are, without exception, called upon to observe, as part of their work-related activities, the respective applicable laws, guidelines and social standards, irrespective of whether these are supranational or local rules. Unlawful behavior risks damaging our image; it weakens our market position and may lead to economic damage for our company.

The Code of conduct and the guidelines that apply to the most important areas of compliance can be found here: GO TO FUCHS.COM CORPORATE PAGE.

Business hours:

+48 32 40 12 200

Monday - Friday: 7:00 - 16:00