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THERMISOL hardening media offer optimum quenching performance for all workpieces. They ensure the best corrosion protection, good foaming behavior, low evaporation and misting, as well as good skin tolerability and high stability.

The THERMISOL QB series – the bright quenching oils:

Bright quenching oils are usually conventional solvates containing a relatively low level of additives. Bright quenching oils are generally used to quench components made of high-alloy materials and with simple geometries.
They are mainly used for the heat treatment of distortion-resistant components.

The THERMISOL QH series – the high-performance quenching oils based on mineral oil:

High performance quenching oils usually contain high levels of additives and special agents which accelerate component wetting.
High performance quenching oils are normally based on conventional solvates.
High performance quenching oils are widely used because optimized wetting behaviour makes them suitable for warp-prone components.

The THERMISOL QH MC series – the high-performance quenching oils based on hydrocracked oil:

High performance quenchants based on high-quality, low evaporation and low-aromatic hydrocracked oils.
MC - the key is a special manufacturing process in which natural mineral oil is converted by hydrocracking, i.e. under high pressure and high temperatures in the presence of H2 (hydrogen). This creates a more cost-effective base oil which is comparable to synthetic oils. This base oil together with high-quality additives combines the oxidation stability and the optimum wetting properties of high-performance quenching oils with the thermal stability and extremely low evaporation of hydrocracked oils.
The new development THERMISOL QH 35 MC is a universal high-performance quenching oil with best performance values and high process reliability.

The THERMISOL QHY series – the synthetic high-performance quenching oils:

The use of these quenching oils based on synthetic esters is particularly recommended for highly warp-prone components. Apart from their sustainability credentials, these high-performance quenching oils offer a number of other advantages. Synthetic high-performance quenching oils have significantly better wetting properties than their conventional counterparts. These excellent wetting properties ensure that the vapour phase over the whole surface of the component being treated collapses rapidly. This almost simultaneous wetting of the entire component surface significantly reduces the temperature gradients created during quenching and thus ultimately the uneven shape changes known as warping.  

The THERMISOL QZS series – the polymer quenchants

Polymer quenchants are concentrates which are dissolved in water to soften the abrupt quenching of water alone. They enable the controlled dissipation of heat from components.
The products of the THERMISOL QZS Series are recommended for applications ranging from induction hardening to the quenching of low to high-alloy materials. Due to their very mild quenching behaviour, they can also be used for materials which previously could only be treated in oil. A homogeneous microstructural composition and more even hardening can be achieved by correspondingly adjusting the concentration and circulation of the quenchant. Depending on the concentration, applications through to the tool steel area are possible. A particularly long vapour phase can, depending on the material, generate very soft and even bainitic structures. Polymer quenchants are especially suitable for open quenching baths and for constantly changing component geometries.

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