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Protection of Data Privacy

On 25 May 2018 General Data Protection Regulation (GDRP) was implmented. The main goal of GDRP is to unify all EU member states' approaches to data regulation, ensuring all data protection laws are applied identically in every country within the EU. It will protect EU citizens from organisations using their data irresponsibly and puts them in charge of what information is shared, where and how it's shared.

FUCHS Oil Corporation (PL) Sp. z o.o. processes your personal data necessary to run our business: to fulfill our agreements, orders, to perform our legal duties. At each level of cooperation with our contracting parties we're engaged to ensure your data safety and asure that all rights you have regarding your personal data are obeyed.

As we have an information duty resulting from GDRP, hereunder you can find information concerning our contracting parties and job applicants:

Data Protection Declaration

In order to provide our users with complete information on data that are gleaned at our web site, hereunder we submit our Data Protection Declaration that includes details related to this issue.

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