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Cyling Lubes for All Road Conditions

03.01.2019 - 12:21
Cyling Lubes for All Road Conditions

FUCHSLubricants Silkolene cycle lubes range for your weather conditions.

Wet Lube: Formulated for extreme, wet, and/or long-distance road use. Provides superior, long lasting protection for all moving parts and drivetrain components - ensuring smooth, low friction performance in all conditions. 

Dry Lube: Fast drying lube. This highly penetrating, maximum performance lube containing PTFE, offers low friction and superior protection to prolong chain life and leave your chain free of dirt and grit. The dry lube is perfect for use on road racing and/or dry conditions and is suitable for use on chains, derailleurs and drive trains.

Everyday Lube: 100% biodegradable multipurpose chain lubricant. Highly penetrating and water repellent, leaving a long lasting, protective coating to guard against corrosion and wear.

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