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Metal processing

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FUCHS is one of the world's most renowned lubricant manufacturers for all areas of metalworking, including machining, forming and hardening processes. Many of the processes used in these manufacturing technologies only run smoothly with specially matched lubricant solutions. It is equally important to take operators, machines, tools, workpieces, storage times, and transport routes into account. FUCHS lubricants and corrosion protection solutions make key contributions to increasing productivity and reducing process costs.


‘’Safe, economical, and sustainable in use FUCHS is the specialist for metalworking operations. Our water-miscible cutting fluids are safe and reliable and fulfil all legislative requirements so that their use can be judged to be almost risk-free. The sustainability of our ECOCOOL products was factored into their formulation. FUCHS cutting fluids thus offer long service life even in boron-free versions.


FUCHS cutting fluids are:

  • Free of nitrosamine-forming secondary amines
  • Free of nitrite
  • Free of hard complexing agents
  • Skin compatible §§Free of chlorine, zinc and heavy
  • Metals Sustainable
  • Economical


This means more than just workshop safety for ECOCOOL users. ECOCOOL lubricants are also extraordinarily long-life and economical. This lower operating, maintenance and disposal costs. In addition, the carefully selected ingredients increase skin compatibility even at high pH values.

Max execution time: 240