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OEM | Precast concrete | Mold release | Construction companies

Whether lubricants for vehicles, construction machinery and equipment, engine, gear, or hydraulic oils for various fields of application in the construction industry – FUCHS provides the suitable lubricant from one single source. A wide range of concrete and asphalt release agents is also available for structural and civil engineering, precast plants and road construction. Whatever lubricant or release agent you select: the benefits always pay off – day after day.


Lubricant is not always the same Lubricant: With the high-performance lubricants from FUCHS, you can rely on highest reliability at all temperatures, lower oil consumption, significant fuel savings and specifically extended oil change intervals. The advantage is obvious: where the engine or gearbox runs more smoothly and reliably, operating costs are reduced, and the availability increased. Challenge us.

Max execution time: 240