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Our contribution to sustainable cultural, social and scientific development

Social commitment has been our credo for decades, as we are convinced that corporate policy should strive not only for sustainability objectives across the value chain but for raised awareness of responsibility in society. 

Fuchs Empowerment Vision 

Our vision for Fuchs is to become a credible and successful BBBEE lubricants manufacturing company in Southern Africa. Fuchs recognises the social and commercial imperative to achieve economic transformation in South Africa. To that end, it is committed to the implementation and success of broad-based empowerment across the Company in a comprehensive and sustainable manner. Over several years Fuchs has implemented a number of initiatives relating to Employment Equity, skills development, preferential procurement, and corporate social investment. 

The Fuchs Foundation Trust was created for black economic empowerment to be an active participant in socio-economic transformation by empowering economically marginalised individuals and communities. The trust is realising this ambition by providing sponsorship to individuals and community projects to improve their socio-economic prospects. http://thefuchsfoundation.co.za/

Part of our transformation strategy is to provide study assistance for external candidates to build our talent pipeline and to support broader economic goals. To this end, Fuchs will sponsor eligible candidates based on availability of funding each year and the following criteria:

• Academic performance

• Financial need

• Internal skills development priorities for talent pipeline development (area of study)

• Target demographic split (race and gender)

• In some instances selection interviews will also be conducted

Preference will be given to Fuchs employees’ immediate family members or their dependants. 

Interested candidates are invited to apply by completing the attached form and submitting it by 31 December 2023. Completed application forms can be sent to Esther Seabi, Transformation Officer. Download: Study Application Form



Contact Transformation Officer:

Esther Seabi

Email: Esther.Seabi@fuchs.com

Address: 10 Isando Road, Isando - Johannesburg

Phone +27 11 565 9600

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