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FUCHS sees sustainability as core element of sound corporate management. The Sustainability Guideline published in 2012 contains standards for responsible business practices and is considered as binding sustainability framework for the Group's global business operations. Based on this, FUCHS is committed to three central sustainability targets, which are operationalized by a comprehensive key performance indicator system and documented in the annual Sustainability Report.

Economic: Our goal is to increase company and shareholder value both reliably and continuously.

Ecological: We strive to protect the precious resources of soil, water and air.

Social: We take over responsibility toward our employees and society.

Fuchs Lubricants South Africa promotes environmentally responsible management of used lubricating oils and related waste in South Africa.

Fuchs Lubricants South Africa works along side the ROSE FOUNDATION very closely to achieve these strategic objectives:

  • Promote the collection of at least 80% of collectable used oils.
  • Create an awareness in the mind of the public that used oil is a hazardous but recyclable resource.
  • Influence the behaviour of customers in their handling and disposal of used oil through effective educational and marketing campaigns.
  • Develop synergistic, stable and sustainable partnerships with groups that have similar objectives. Raise awareness of ROSE’s efforts and initiatives within member companies.
  • To ensure that the role of the National Oil Recycling Association of South Africa (NORA-SA) is clearly communicated and understood by all.
  • Consider investments in improving the handling of various used oil containers at collector and bulking facilities to increase volumes collected. For more information please visit the Rose Foundation's Website http://www.rosefoundation.org.za/
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